spatial experiences

design lab spring 2020

Project Objectives:


4/16/2020: Module Design 1

(left + middle) same rule, flower-like structure; (right) exploring a different rule
(above) exploring another rule but alternating/mirroring each module
(above) config 1
(above) config 2

Module Design 2:

(above) config 1
(above) top view

Module Design 3:

4/21/2020: Modular Structure

(above) measuring out 2x2x2 inch triangles
(left) taking a pre-made connector module to cut more out from triangles; (middle) the two modules; (right) showing how to put it together
(left) process of stacking it together; (right) sitting person made out of paper and sharpie
(above) angled views
(left) back view; (right) top view
kinda looks like a pine cone. . .

4/23/2020: Color & Lighting

(above) Storm King Art Center in New York
(left) BV20 marker and BV000 marker; (right) cutting off the tip so both sides can be used to sit
(left) using the darker blue violet marker on both sides; (right) stacking!!
(above) lower angle

4/28/2020: Color & Lighting + Mood

(above) Storm King Art Center — Daybreak/Sunset
(left) drawing out the triangles; (right) 2 inches compared to 2.5 inch dimensions

Final Pictures:

(above) newly sized up structure, same sized people

Interview 1:

Scaling up people to structure scale:

(above) people watching stars or the sunset

Interview 2:


4/30/2020: Final Iteration

(left) experimenting with coloring different sides, either top tip blue or bottom is blue; (right) ultimately deciding on tip to be blue
(above) rule of constructing my previous configuration
(left) connecting slit 1 + 2; (right) first half of structure
(above) showing how the smaller module created a sense of rise and how it supports the module on the end
(above) top view to show the S-Shape

Configuration Pictures:

Final Pictures of Modular Structure:

(above) structure with human references for scale


Hey! I’m currently studying design @CMU with a focus on communications design + minor in HCI. You can find some of the projects I’ve worked on here.