semantics of 3d form

design lab spring 2020

Assignment Objectives:

PT I. Natural Form: Shell

(above) preliminary sketches, looking at basic shapes and curves
(above) more explorations of the spiral and form of the shell

My Shell:

Iteration 1: Clay


(above) I rolled a ball of clay and wrapped it in a sheet of clay to create the body)
(above) refinement

Finished Iteration:

What to work on next time:

Iteration 1: Foam

(left) marked out the shape of my shell with a marker; (middle + right) used a large Olfa to get the general shape first
(above) then used the smaller Olfa and Xacto to smooth the general shape out

Finished Iteration:

What to work on next time:

Iteration 2: Clay

(above) adding volume to my shell
(left) changing the direction of the spikes; (right) close up shot of detail
(above) looking at how the end of the tail ends and curls into itself

Finished Iteration:

(above) proportion comparison from model to shell

What to do next:

Iteration 2: Foam

(above) trying a different technique to cut smoother pieces

Finished Iteration:

What to do next:

(above) side by side of foam and clay models

Iteration 3: Foam

Iteration 3: Clay

(left) cut off aperture; (middle) adding more clay for volume; (right) reattaching the aperture
(left) backside of attached aperture; (right) mini rolling pin! for spiral and for smoothing

1 Min. Video Checkpoint:

PT II. Mouse Form:

Actual Mouse:

3D Rendered Mouse: FNATIC — Flick Gaming Mouse:

(above) sketches looking at the form of the mouse

Iteration 1: Paper

(left) base shape; (right) length of base measurement for vertical pieces
(above) center vertical piece with the mouse scroll
(above) connection of the middle vertical piece
(left) fitting the far right and left side of the mouse; (right) all three vertical pieces fit together
(above) top hood of the mouse

Finished Iteration:

(above) experimentation of paper scoring, indenting

Iteration 2: Paper

(above) constructing vertical support
(left) horizontal plane cut to match the vertical planes; (right) trimmed off part to make the edges flush
(above) main structure put in place
(left) I ended up picking the second mouse top as the edges bowed outwards; (right) what the mouse’s underside looks like

Iteration 1: Foam

(left) front view; (right) side view
(above) cutting down to a very general shape
(left) using a micron pen, I dotted where I wanted the curve; (right) slanted blade technique
(above) almost done!
(above) smoothing foam out with bone folder

Finished Iteration:

Iteration 2: Foam

(left) I first carved out the sides and slowly carved the top part to match the curve; (right) I made sure to keep the back edge sharp
(left) front view; (middle) I left the scroll bit to trim for last; (right) I flattened the top curve even more

PT III. Hybrid Form:

Word Association:

(above) quick sketches
(above) sketches done on my iPad
(above) after rolling it out, I then cut it to the shape I want
(above) inspired shape from previous iteration

Hey! I’m currently studying design @CMU with a focus on communications design + minor in HCI. You can find some of the projects I’ve worked on here.