project 4: lighting engines

11/5/19 research + explorations

Types of Lights:

Types of Lighting:

(above) line of incandescent lights near the University Center — picture 1 + 2
(left) incandescent bulb at Entropy; (right) LED light at a staircase near Entropy — picture 3 + 4
(left) hanging light in the UC; (right) exit sign with LED — picture 5 + 6


(all above) lights seen at the Pittsburgh Vintage Mixer Fair

Things to Consider:


(left) Light Cloud, Dark Cloud 1957 ; (right) Orange and Yellow 1956
(left) Linear Construction No. 2 1971; (right) Spiral Theme 1941
(left) Untitled; (right) Seed II 2012

11/1–11/12/19 exploration of paper, adhesives, and sketch models

(left) bristol paper; (right) palette paper
(left) tracing paper; (right) tracing paper crinkled
(above) printer paper
(left) paper swatches; (middle) hot press watercolor paper; (right) silkscreen paper
(left) white and warm white stonehenge paper; (middle) 4 ply bristol paper; (right) 2 ply bristol paper
(left) 4 types of adhesives on printer paper; (right) same 4 types of adhesives on tracing paper.
(left) bristol; (middle) canson; (right) tracing
(left) Folia white cardstock; (right) Folia pearl white cardstock
(left) construction paper; (right) printer paper

11/11/19 sketch models:

Sketch 1:

(above) sketch model #1, with light on
(above) sketch #1, with light off

Sketch 2:

(above) sketch model #2
(left) OFF state; (right) back view ON state

Sketch 3:

(above) sketch model 3
(left) side view; (right) OFF state

Sketch 4:

(above) ON state
(above) corners and inserts

Sketch 5:

Sketch 6:

11/13/19 drafting models:

Draft 1:

(left) sketch of first idea; (right) a tab idea to hold the form
(above) trying out the tab method to hold the cylindrical shape
(left) side view; (right) failed attempt at lining the bottom with tracing paper

Draft 2:

(left) front view; (right) side view

Draft 3:

(left) idea sketch; (middle+right) bristol template for easy replication of the triangular prism net
(left) I used a ruler to help make precise creases when folding the prism nets; (right) the triangular prisms
(left) side view; (right) for the center base, I had pasted half half of tracing paper and printer paper to see how bright the light would shine through them.
(above) what the light looks like hung up

11/18/19 creating alternatives:

(above) other types of light I encountered at Home Depot
(above) new bulb!
(above) design faculty conference room

Draft 4:

(left) brainstorming different ways to approach the ‘pattern’ repetitive design; (middle) initial sketch of draft; (right) ancient Chinese coins
(left) Yupo paper; (right) seeing how Yupo creases vs taping strips together
(left) layering clearprint Vellum to Yupo, layering swatch; (right) layers under light
(above) process of making one of four panels for exterior structure
(above) front and back of panel
(left) exterior shell; (right) second layer
(left) cut panels; (right) all three layers done
(left) example of paper curling after attempting to use UHU glue sticks; (right) used double sided and scotch tape to build the whole draft
(left) side view; (right) under view
(above) group critique exercise from class

11/20/19 creating variations:

(left) different ways to layer; (middle+right) draft brainstorming/plans
(left) Bristol on printer paper; (right) printer paper on Bristol
(left) printer on printer paper; (right) Bristol on Bristol
(left) sturdier Bristol; (middle) flimsy printer paper; (right) how the layers were taped on each panel
(above) joining panels together
(above) how I attached each layer to each other with Scotch tape.
(left + middle) placing all three parts and taping done; (right) adding clearprint Vellum to paper to hide the lightbulb

11/24–11/25/19 fine-tuning:

(above) creating the layers for exterior
(above) to prevent underestimating how long each panel is, I made each layer longer so that I could cut the excess off.
(left) cutting out windows from the Bristol; (right) taping clearprint Vellum
(left) Bristol layered on front and back; (right) What it looks like with light
(above) foam core fitted to the structure
(left) foam core fitted to inner square; (right) foam core fitted to second layer/square


(left) light off in context zoomed in; (right) light on on black background
(above) detail shots
(above) light on in context




Hey! I’m currently studying design @CMU with a focus on communications design + minor in HCI. You can find some of the projects I’ve worked on here.

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Sarah Xi

Sarah Xi

Hey! I’m currently studying design @CMU with a focus on communications design + minor in HCI. You can find some of the projects I’ve worked on here.