project 3: time-based instructions

10/15/19 research

(above) tea selection at Entropy
(above) package of Peach Tranquility





(left) what the tea bag looks like; (middle) beginning of the steeping; (right) after steeping for a minute

The Research:





(left) Ginger Peach Black Tea; (right) Blueberry Black Tea
(left) Ginger Peach; (right) Blueberry
(left) 1.5 tablespoon of tea for the cup size I used; (right) steeping process

10/17/19 example videos

“Se7en” Opening:

“Around the World in 80 Days” (at 1:58):

Smuckers Advertisement:

“How to Make Bread. Super Easy”:

“Easy Bread”:

(above) some example sections of gutters

10/22/19 storyboarding

Draft 1:

(above) storyboard cut and glued into a strip

Draft 2:

(left) all the snapshots complied; (right) post-printing and gluing
(above) storyboard cut and glued into a strip

10/25/19 video clips: draft 1

(left) set up angle #1; (right) set up angle #2
(left) front view, set up angle #1; (right) top view water pour, set up angle #2
(left) notes on draft 1; (right) quick planning storyboard sketch for draft 2

10/30/19 video filming: draft 2

(above) video consideration notes from class

11/1–11/2/19 video filming: draft 3 + finetuning

(left) option 1 dinner table; (right) option 2 kitchen counter
(above) draft 3, dinner table
(above) draft 4, kitchen counter
(left) notes before filming; (middle+right) setup for the dinner table
(above) snapshot of what I used for editing: iMovie



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Sarah Xi

Sarah Xi

Hey! I’m currently studying design @CMU with a focus on communications design + minor in HCI. You can find some of the projects I’ve worked on here.