MIT Tech Review: Holding it All Together: Structure, System, Form

c studio mini: fall 2020

9/1/2020: Project Introduction

Glossary of Terms:

(above) class notes

9/3/2020: Brainstorming

Initial Impressions:

Looking at MIT Technology Review:

The Research:

(left) audience demographic; (right) stats on influence outreach

9/5–9/6/2020: Redesign + Grid Layout

Modern Magazine: 2018 Redesign

(above) graphically symbolic images that supplement the article
(above) these “article covers” adds visual interest while introduces following article
(above) example of vivid/bold imagery through infographic-like data visualizations to present info in an engaging + comprehensible manner

Layout Analysis:

(above) example spread following 12 columns
(above) various options of organizing content with 12 column grids
(above) looking at general layout content
(left page) grouped into 7, 2, 3 columns, (right page) grouped into four columns
(above) examples of articles that primarily follow both 3 and 4 column grids
(above) even the ‘article covers’ with bold imagery can follow a 12 column grid as it helps center content.
(left) margins; (right) gutters
(left) spatial zones; (right) markers and bylines

9/7–9/8/2020: Presentation Draft

(above) general outline slides
(above) first draft of presentation

General Structure of Presentation (Draft 1):

Adjectives + History:

Grids: for print


Visuals: macro + micro view for print

(above) example spread


Critique of Draft Presentation + Dry Run:

9/8–9/9/2020: Final Presentation


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