Didot: Characteristics, Personality, Rhythm & Flow

c studio mini: fall 2020

9/25/2020: Part 1 Essay

Initial Research:

Types of Type Classifications:



9/29/2020: Thumbnail Sketching + Exploration

Thumbnail Notes:

(above) experimentation with leading etc.
(above) applying essay into columns

Matching typefaces:

Editing Essay:

10/2/2020: Explorations Cont.

(above) exploration including image of Firmin Didot
(left) 120% larger; (right) 140% larger
(left) capitalized D in Didot; (right) Didot in all caps — emulating how Didot was used in the past

Discussion with Vicki + Jaclyn:

(left) pointed out that top ‘i’ overlaps to second page while lower ‘d’ is cut off—interesting; (right) ‘didot’ isn’t really readable but interesting composition.
(above) compilation of fashion photography

All explorations with select images:

(left) composition 1; (right) composition 2
(left) composition 1; (right) composition 2
(left) looking at placement of short statement; (right) making the pull quote smaller and aligning with the cross of the ‘t’
(above) composition 1 printed untrimmed


10/6/2020: In-Class Critique


Feedback from Jaclyn and Vicki:



Tweaking For Final Critique:

(left) Pull quote from text on characteristics of Didot; (right) No more quote, added statement related to fashion to make better sense with overall spread feel.
(left) image source on right side of page (too much visual clutter); (right) bottom left corner of page, more subtle.
(above) shifted “Sophisticated, with a hint of grandeur” next to page number and sized smaller for less distraction.

Alternate Version:

(above) highlighting characteristics of Didot
(above) where the eye goes on the page

Final Spread for Critique + Version with Grid:

(above) final
(above) with grid


I have reached a new high~

Revised Final Spread:

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