c studio mini: fall 2020

10/10/2020 Project Introduction:

  • Design a 60 second video that introduces and highlights unique characteristics and personality of selected typeface.
  • Look back at the adjectives and 50 word statement/list you created in the last project as a guide for your video.

10/11/2020 Finding Music:


In deciding what type of music to pick, I brainstormed a few qualities…

Sarah Xi & Alison Hu Fall 2020

As our class transitioned into understanding and exploring human cognition, we took a glance at how a human’s emotions and perceptions both enhance and shape the way people think. As our class explored how designers define “How People Think,” we particularly focused on the importance in not only recognizing diversity…

c studio mini: fall 2020

9/25/2020: Part 1 Essay

  • Create a list of adjectives that describe your typeface.
  • Use that list to develop a narrative and sequence to introduce selected typeface and family.
  • Write a 1–2 page essay that highlights the unique characteristics and personality of selected typeface — in the context of its use and relation to its…

c studio mini: fall 2020

9/10–9/12/2020: Part 1

Research and explore the assigned local organization and the typographic variables “through a set of specific and systematic exercises” to clarify “a message based on the content’s hierarchy”. In my case, I was assigned to the Pittsburgh Arts & Lectures.

To start, I did some research to find out more…

c studio mini: fall 2020

9/1/2020: Project Introduction

  • Research and analyze the context of the publication/website
  • Analyze and consider the typographic elements/systems used in the publication/website — why did the designer choose to do this?
  • Final deliverable: 7 min presentation on assigned publication/website

My group, consisting of me, Caitlyn, Chris and Dorothy, worked together to grasp a better…

design lab spring 2020

Project Objectives:

  • Design modular systems to create three dimensional forms and spatial experiences.
  • Consider form and structure in a range of scales to develop an understanding of the relationships between 3D forms.


  • Canson Watercolor Paper
  • Xacto Knife
  • Copic markers

4/16/2020: Module Design 1

This design was very leaf-like. I had scored it down vertically with an…

design lab spring 2020

Assignment Objectives:

  • To be able to observe, translate, and recreate forms through different mediums (additive and subtractive materials).
  • Understand and explore the different levels of abstraction.
  • Be able to demonstrate a good understanding of the translated form. (If abstracted, is it too abstracted?)

PT I. Natural Form: Shell

For my shell, I decided to use the materials…

Light is highly integrated in our lives and we are of constant need of it. Without it, we cannot do even the simplest tasks, in other words, we as both humankind and as a society depend on light. Whether or not its too much, light effects not only our efficiency/productivity…

Tea making may sound simple at first, however, I’ve learned that it’s a fairly complex task to do when there’s different techniques and nuances to watch out for. In this project, we are to become ‘experts’ at the task given to us and teach others through a one minute instruction…

Sarah Xi

Hey! I’m currently studying design @CMU with a focus on communications design + minor in HCI. You can find some of the projects I’ve worked on here.

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